When my 2 sons were ages 3 and 9 we had 2 rabbits. Both rabbits were really cute. Their aunt raised rabbits and gave them to children for pets. She would only let them go to a good home. These were small rabbits and perfect for young kids. One looked just like rabbit in this picture and belonged to my older son. His name was Sprinkles.


The other rabbit looked like the one in this picture and belonged to my younger son. This rabbit was named Albert, named after our dog at the time. I think as a 3 year old he thought all pets should be named Albert.


We would get the rabbits out and let them run around to yard all the time and put the dog in the house. So the dog would stand at the sliding glass door barking and running around wanting to get out while the rabbits ran around his yard.

One day when we turned our backs for just a second the 3 year old decided to let Sprinkles bounce on the small trampoline.  Fortunately a 3 year old cannot throw the rabbit to high so with a little toss the rabbit landed on the trampoline and quickly jumped of and hopped away. He knew it would be safer behind some bush in the yard. We had to work hard that day to catch and put them away after all that fun.